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June 01

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Why This Day?

One year ago today, I woke up in a run down Super 8 Motel in Chadron Nebraska. The things on my to-do list that morning included find coffee, clean my car, and pick up my grandparents and father from what must be the worlds tiniest airport.

The day before, I drove a round trip of 13 hours solo to meet my best friends in another town somewhere in Nebraska to trade off two labrador retreiver puppies that they were transporting home to MI for us. The day before that, I spent the day alone in Rapid City getting my favorite coffee and take out and visiting my favorite stores all for the last time. The day before that I emptied out my basement classroom at Pine Ridge Girls School and said goodbye to my dear friends, relatives, and what had been my place of work and second home for two years.

Back to June 01, and I was leaving the Res (Pine Ridge Indian Reservation) and beginning the journey to Michigan to create a new home. Southeast Michigan had been my home for 15 years of my life, but it had only been home to a little girl, melodramatic pre-teen, and a reckless teenager. It had never been home to adult Taylor. June 01 we packed up a U-Haul trailer and I said goodbye to the prairie lands.

Since June 01, when asked how I was doing by friends, family, and well-meaning acquaintances my answers often bounced between variations of the same thought:

"I'm happy to be home with my family, but I'm still adjusting"

"I'm just trying to get settled and figure things out"

"I really miss my job and the people, but I'm getting used to things here"

The truth is I felt totally unsettled, isolated, and lost.

I created the idea of my business, Tailored Harmonies Music Co., within the first couple of months of being back in Michigan. I set and reset logos and website designs, and was constantly redefining a company mission that I could see so clearly in my head. I was waiting for the right time to refine these ideas and share them with the world.

One day, while fully in the chaos and uncertainty of quarantine due to COVID-19, I realized June 01 would mark one year since I had moved home. Along with this realization I noticed that for the first time my answers to the once dreaded questions were changing...

"I'm doing really well"

"I'm doing a lot of really cool things that I'm excited about"

"I'm really happy"

"I love being close to family. And where I live. Life is good right now."

"I'm really blessed"

Lately I feel like I've rediscovered my sense of purpose. I feel grounded, determined, and joyful.

I'm launching Tailored Harmonies Music Co. on JUNE 01 because it's a date that is a personal milestone for me.

In the year that I've been home I've started and grown my own business.

It's also a constant reminder for me.

Everything takes time.

I struggled for almost a year because I didn't give myself enough time to be unsettled, be in transition, or honestly just be still. I didn't give myself any grace as I navigated through a huge change. I didn't know it was OK to not be OK, or to not have things figured out.

But I know now. And my business will forever be that reminder, that milestone, that lesson learned, and more than anything a business built straight from my truest heart.

One year ago I was closing one chapter in my life, and today I am extremely proud to be opening a new one.

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