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The Mission

Updated: May 28, 2020

Tailored Harmonies Music Co. is a music community for all. All things music for the music lovers, passion people, and gritty go getters of the world. We are a service driven community that takes pride in fostering a space for music and creativity, and making it accessible to all.

The 3 Parts of the THMCO Heart

The three big parts of the heart of Tailored Harmonies Music Co. are the education, the music, and the service. As the founder of this company, I believe that all of these things work together.

The Education

Teaching music has been a passion of mine since I began with my first piano student six years ago. Six years ago I began the journey of understanding the importance of education. Children are sacred and the responsibility of raising them up to be good humans takes a village -- and yes that includes their teachers. Music education is just as important as general education, yet often it is overlooked.

The sharing of the gift of music is a powerful thing.

This kind of education nourishes the body, mind, and the soul.

I teach the scales and the music theory and the intellectual aspects of music, building grittier students along the way. It's hard work, but no one said life would be easy. I believe great self-discipline and perseverance come from music education. Not only do I teach the hard stuff, but I strive to ignite passion in all of my students. The world needs more passion people. People who chase their dreams fearlessly and dream of being their true selves, more than what the world says they should be.

The Music

I perform live, write music, and release my music to share with the world. I offer live music services such as weddings, funerals, parties and other events.

I have found there is great power and service in sharing the gift of music.

I didn't know that sharing my music and gifts in these ways was even possible for me until just recently. I didn't know that my passion could also be the way I make a living. I struggled to see a path for my future because I couldn't see anyone doing what I thought I wanted.

That's where the music and the education come to so beautifully compliment each other. Music education is not always just about learning an instrument right now. I believe it is so important for students to see an example of someone chasing their dreams, using their passion every day to make a living, and stretching their idea of what is possible in this life.

The music education that students receive can open the door for endless opportunities.

When I have the chance, I love to include my students in performances and projects. I hope to inspire them. I hope they can imagine a little of themselves in the work that I do. Even if they never pursue a career in music, I hope that they see it is fully possible to pursue your passion with everything you have and make what you love your life's work.

The Service

Throughout my own music education and music career, I have stayed fully aware that it is a privilege to have access to learning music and doing something that I am passionate about. Because music tends to be the first thing cut in public schools, not everyone has been afforded the chance to have exposure to a creative space; or to nourish the creativity that lives inside of us all.

While music is my passion, my heart lies in serving others.

This is why I want to make sure my company works to not only provide these services and a creative space, but make sure that we strive to make these things more accessible for those in need.

Currently Tailored Harmonies Music Co. Shop has the DREAMER collection available.

Over 50% of these proceeds go toward funding music lesson scholarships, community music classes, and other outreach opportunities.

Over time we will add new products and collections, all with different funding purposes, because as we see a need we want to help to meet those needs. Whether it's fundraising collections in our shop, live performances to raise funds for a cause, sharing music, or students, families, and community members getting out and serving

We will continue to grow as a service driven community

because we want to

do good

for the love of music

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